The ZBand has now been shipped to over 60 countries around the world and 49 states in the USA

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Our customers with their ZBands from across the world

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From Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain, thanks Irene
ZBand in the beautiful city of Montreal
From Auckland's Sky Tower, thanks Elaine
From Dunbar East Lothian, Scotland, thanks Kathleen
Leduc Alberta Canada, thanks Curtis
Beautiful Switzerland, thanks Gabriele
Train station Switzerland, thanks again Gabriele
ZBand in Montreal. Thanks Raphael
Lake Garda, Italy. Thanks Jonathan
Another from Lake Garda, Italy. Thanks again Jonathan
Canadian bear tries out the ZBand
Steam Clock in Vancouver
Olympic Ring in Whistler
Lake Canyon Park, Canada
Whistler Summit
The ZBand at the Canadian flag in Whistler
The Whitehouse
The Whitehouse once more!
The Washington Monument
National Mall Washington
Central Park, New York
Capitol Hill
Times Square New York
Thanks to Pedro Vieira for the very nice picture of the ZBand in Torres Vedras, Portugal.
Statue of Alexander Pushkin in Saint Petersburg, Russia
D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Troitsky Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Singer House in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bank Bridge in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Woking train station, UK
In Bruges (Belgium)
Also in Bruges (Belgium)
ZBand in Brussels
Antwerpen-Centraal Train Station in Antwerp in Belgium
ZBand Visits the EU Parliament Building in Brussels
ZBand over looking Sydney harbour, thanks Brid Clancy
Mel in Albufeira, Portugal
ZBand arrives in Surfers Paradise Austrailia, thanks Brid Clancy
ZBand arrives in Singapore, again thanks Brid
Mark Muan in Manhattan, New York
Mark Maun at the Statue of Lberty
Dawn Spill Maloney at "The Great Buddha" in Kamakura in Japan
Red in San Fransisco
Kieran Santry in London
Padraig Breathnach in Montreal
Ariel in front of the famous Bahai Guardens in Haifa, Israel
Pearse stadium Galway Ireland (Galway vs Mayo game)

Ted in Helsinki
Mel in Chicago
Johnny Mac at the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Thelma (Nice Cycle Tours) in Nice, France
ZBand in Westport, Ireland
Convention center, Dublin city center
Molly Malone in Dublin wearing the ZBand