What platforms is the ZBand application available for?

Android and Windows Phone 8 for smart phones and tablets. Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 7, Windows Vista for Windows desktop. Your laptop or desktop will need to have bluetooth (or a bluetooth dongle) to communicate with the ZBand. You can download the Apps for the supported platforms here

Can I download the ZBand App to my android or windows tablet?

Yes, the Zband App can be downloaded to any Android phone or tablet. The device must have Bluetooth to set alarms on the ZBand.

My Windows desktop or laptop does not have bluetooth, can I still use the ZBand?

As the ZBand is set using bluetooth you can plug in a bluetooth dongle into your desktop or laptop to use the ZBand. We don't stock the bluetooth dongle at present but plan to in the near future. They are available for on Amazon for less that $10

Does the device have to be in Bluetooth range for the alarm on the ZBand to go off?

No, the device is used to set alarms on the ZBand, once alarms are set on the ZBand the android device does not need to be connected to the ZBand.

How do I get started on the ZBand?

Please read the instruction manual supplied with the ZBand. You can also click here to view a short video with guidelines.

How do I set the vibration strength for the ZBand?

After downloading the ZBand app and pairing the ZBand to the android device you can connect the android device to the ZBand as shown on the instruction manual. When connected the ZBand app will show a screen with 3 tabs at the top of the screen. The 3 tabs are alarms, snooze function and vibration strength. Press the vibration strength tab and set vibration strength and then press save settings.

On the set alarm screen, what does the name mean?

This gives the user an option to name each alarm for different settings. The user does not need to name alarm if they do not wish to and can carry onto save alarm.

How long does the ZBand last without a charge?

The ZBand will last approximately 10 days of regular use on a 30 minute charge. To charge the ZBand you can use any micro USB charger which is the standard charger for nearly all android smartphones.

Can I use other alarms on my device while using the ZBand?

Yes, the ZBand does not interfere with any other alarm on the users device, therefore the ZBand can be use on its own or in conjunction with another alarm.

Where in the world can you ship the ZBand ?

We will ship the ZBand anywhere in the world, and best of all shipping is free.

Does the ZBand come with a warranty?

Yes, the Band has a 6 month warranty, also if you return the ZBand undamaged with 30 days we will give you a full refund.

How do I select the colour I want?

On the paypal payment screen there is the option to request the colour you require. Click the 'add' link next to the 'White or Black wristband?' text to request your colour

How long does it take to ship the ZBand?

Allow 8 days for Ireland and the UK, 10 days to Europe and 13 days to the USA and the rest of the world