About the ZBand

What is the ZBand ?    directed by Patrick Ryan How to use the ZBand

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So what is the ZBand all about?

The ZBand is a simple idea. It is a silent alarm wristband that vibrates to give you a gentle awakening without disturbing those near you. You set your alarm using your android or windows device which communicates with the ZBand.

When designing the ZBand we kept simplicity in mind and designed it to be small, light, comfortable, affordable and user-friendly. We designed it for you.

Who is the ZBand for?

Tired of being woken up by your partner's alarm in the morning? Don't want to wake the kids in the next room or your newborn beside you? Or do you just want a gentle awakening? Then ZBand is for you.

The ZBand is ideal for:

  • - Couples getting up at different times
  • - Parents with young children sleeping in the vicinity
  • - Alarm for the deaf or hard of hearing
  • - People sharing dorms, in hostels for example
  • - Alerts for meetings or appointments
  • - Reminders to take medication, etc
  • - An ideal gift for any early riser

How does it work? With the ZBand you set the alarm on your Android or Windows device, connect through bluetooth and the band does the rest. It will vibrate when the time is right causing no disturbance to those around you. By simply pressing the Z button once the ZBand will snooze for a time set by you. Holding down the Z button for 3 seconds turns off the alarm. Once the alarms are set on the ZBand it does not need to be connected to the Android or Windows device. On a 30 minute charge, the ZBand will last for 10 days with regular use.
The ZBand App By simply downloading the free App to your Android or Windows 8 smart phone or tablet, or Windows desktop application you can configure the ZBand via Bluetooth to alert you at different times. You can set the duration between snoozes and also set the vibration strength. The vibration strength can be set on the App for the light sleeper who only needs a light vibration to wake up or the heavy sleeper that needs a strong vibration to wake.

The ZBand is not suitable for children under 5.