Members of the Band

Paul Griffin Co-Founder

I'm a guy in my 30s from a great place called County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. I never liked noisy alarms and in the summer of 2009 came up with an idea for a silent alarm. Many people have great ideas but just do not have the time to pursue them. Having thought about the ZBand for several months, in January 2010 I decided it was time to do or die. Some of the best ideas come from necessity and I wanted to develop a waking up solution that would improve my quality of life. So I took the plunge to bring the ZBand from idea to reality.

Initially I thought it would take a year at most to develop the ZBand. In fact it has taken three years' of hard work, while at the same time doing the day job to pay the bills. Throughout the period of development, my family and friends always believed in me and believed in the ZBand but they thought I was a little mad to put so much time and resources into it. I think, and I hope you'll agree, that the ZBand has been worth the effort.

Almost a decade ago I started my own company in Ireland. Even though the country has experienced the deepest recession in its history, my company has remained strong. This is due to our professionalism, high quality product, attention to detail and reliability qualities that characterize the ZBand.

Declan Leonard Co-Founder
Similar to Paul, I'm in my 30's and a fellow Mayo man from the west of Ireland. I've known Paul for many years now as we met as students in the University of Limerick and we both live and work in Dublin. One fine summer's day Paul came to me with the concept for the ZBand. I really liked it. Like all good ideas, it was simple. I immediately thought, why didn't I think of this years ago. Anyway, with my background in IT I was well placed to help Paul to bring the ZBand from an embryonic concept to the real physical product and phone application we see before us. It's been a long hard road, but it's worth it. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.